While the USA is home to perhaps the most famous collection of land-based casinos in Las Vegas, these brick-and-mortar establishments are now being rivaled by online casinos. The common gripe is that online loses a lot of the atmosphere, but online live dealer casinos are beginning to bridge the gap.

Live online casinos take everything you love about the Las Vegas experience and imports it straight into your online gaming. Luckily, the US has plenty, with some of the best online dealer casinos active in some states. Access high-quality streams of dealers and play alongside other real people for the complete live US casino experience.

Available Casinos

Live Casino Reviews – Find a Top US Live Casino

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Online Live Dealer Casino Games

When you walk into a land-based casino, you’re immediately presented with a huge array of different games to play. In short, the same goes for online casinos – with slots joined by live dealers. These casino games online are about as varied as their counterparts on-land. You can play all of your favorite games online, and you’ll be playing with other real players against the same dealer.

The way online live casino games work is pretty simple. A dealer will be located in a studio in front of, for example, a card table. Many cameras will be fixed on the dealer and will stream the video straight to your computer/mobile. They deal you cards just as they would normally, and you get to see them on the table or in a virtual hand on your screen. You can then wager on your hands, and the dealer will take those bets. You can also talk to the dealer and other players using chat boxes accompanying the video stream, and the dealer will respond. As such, live casino games online are a highly interactive sort of play.


US casinos will often host one or more top-quality versions of live dealer roulette. Roulette is a great streaming game because you get the actual anticipation and suspense of watching the real ball spin and land.

Live dealer roulette often comes with European and American wheels. So, although you’re playing at a live US casino, you’ll be able to play the European one-zero wheel if you wish


Live dealer blackjack is also another incredibly popular casino game at live US casinos. This is because it’s easy to structure, and it doesn’t matter that the dealer can see your hand.

US live dealer blackjack is probably one of the most socially interactive casino games, as the tables are often large enough for a good number of players to sit at. The dealers will often talk about the hands in-play (along with encouraging players who are delaying).


Live dealer baccarat was one of the first games to be implemented in the video streaming format. This is because of its simple layout and gameplay. Most baccarat versions that you can play at US casinos will be punto banco baccarat, which is the North American variant of the game. However, you can still play chemmy baccarat and baccarat banque at many US live dealer casinos too.


Sic-bo, the ancient game of Chinese origin, can be played at live casinos in the US. It’s popular with punters, mainly because the suspense and anticipation of watching the real dice land isn’t lost.

You place your bets on the table, as you do in roulette, and then the dealer will roll a handful of dice. Hopefully, your numbers come up and you’ll have a nice win.

Playing at a Mobile Live Casino

One of the greatest virtues of modern live casinos is your ability to play them on your mobile devices. Whether that’s your iPad, your mobile phone, or your Android, you’re able to play most US live dealer casinos on mobile.

You often have two types: a live casino app, or a mobile-optimized site. Those with a dedicated mobile app will allow you to download an app to your device. Mobile casinos which use an optimized site will allow you to access the dealers within the web browser of your mobile device. These sites will be streamlined versions of the normal live casino, specially redesigned to work on smaller touchscreens.

Whichever method you choose, the main thing is that you’re able to take your favorite games with you. You can play roulette on your route home, blackjack on the bus, and even baccarat when you’re at the bar.

Get Live Casino Promotions

All good casinos set aside special promotions for players. This usually starts as a welcome bonus for new players, followed by additional offers for existing players.

However, live casino bonuses aren’t as popular as others. This means you’ll only be able to take advantage of these promotions at some sites. While this means you don’t have as much choice as, say, sports betting offers, a casino that offers live bonuses are likely to stand out from those that don’t. Here are a few examples of what to expect.

Live Casino No Deposit Bonus

Live casinos often offer welcome bonuses to their players which require you to make a first deposit. These are aptly named ‘first-deposit’ bonuses, and they often boost the deposit you initially make by a certain percentage – for example, 100% up to $100. Many USA casinos also offer ‘no deposit’ bonuses, which are bonuses that you do not need to make a deposit to access. These are great because you’re able to play their games without having to give anything – and some live casinos offer these too.

Welcome Bonuses

Whenever you sign up to a US casino the chances are that you’ll be offered some sort of welcome package. Whether this is free spins or a first-deposit bonus, all casinos offer them.

Importantly, the welcome bonuses that they give away are mostly usable on live dealer games. However, if they’re reserved for slots only, most USA casinos will offer specific live casinos bonuses instead.

Find Live Casino Promo Codes

Casino bonuses and promotions often come with specific terms, conditions, or requirements. One of these requirements can be the use of a promotion code. This is simply a code that allows you to activate a promotion on the site. These codes will usually look something like ‘WIN100’ or ‘BONUS1’, and you’ll have to enter them into the cashier page.

If you forget to use a promo code then you won’t get the bonus. To save you the hassle, we’ll have all of the promotion codes here on USA Online Casino Finder. Check out our US live casino reviews for the promo codes.