Slot machines are possibly the most popular online casino game. There’s a vast array of different types of slots, each with different game mechanics, features and functions. Whether it’s a classic-style slot or a 3D spectacle, the versatility of these machines ensure they remain popular.

Online slots at US casinos are equally as popular, and US casino slots are just as varied as in other countries. There are literally thousands of real money slots at legal US casinos, meaning you can win real money just like other major online casino areas.

Available Casinos

Play Online Slots for Real Money – No Deposit!

The best part about online slot machines is that many of the top US casinos set aside no deposit bonuses for you to play them with. You can use these to try and win real money after you’ve completed any wagering requirements.

How? Well, no deposit bonuses give you bonus money without the need for you to put any of your own money into your casino account – you just sign up and get the offer. Some of these bonuses can be pretty big compared with other regions, and if you then decide to make a deposit then you can get bonuses into the thousands. We always show both – alongside any sports betting bonuses for added measure.

How to Play Slot Machines – Tips & Tricks

If all of this talk of winning and bonuses piques your interest, you’re going to want to know how best to play slot machines. There is no single best way to win on slot machines, after all, they’re games of chance. However, whilst we can’t tell you a guaranteed formula for winning, we can give you some slot machine tips and tricks that will make you a better player.

Here are our slot machine tips at a glance:

  • Know the betting mechanics
  • Know the rules of the game
  • Use bonuses and free spins
  • Practice on free versions of the slot
  • Pick a slot machine that suits your style

First of all, you need to make sure you know how the betting mechanics of the slot machine work. Usually, you adjust the Coin Value and Bet Level together to reach your desired wager amount.

Second, you need to make sure you know how the games themselves work. There is much more variety here compared to betting mechanics, but there are a few things that all games have in common. For example, all slot machines have a way to win – be it via specific bet lines, clusters/groups of symbols or another way. Also, most slot machines will have Wild symbols – which are useful for landing winning spins. Finally, the best slot machines have bonus rounds to hit – such as free spins. Make sure you get to grips with these things before you start playing.

Thirdly, if you want to increase your potential returns, pick a casino that has free spins or bonuses. If you use bonuses and free spins on a slot machine then you won’t be using your own money. Just watch out for the wagering requirements – which require you to bet your bonus money a certain number of times before you can withdraw.

Fourth, practice on the slots you like by playing them for free first. Nearly all of the top US casinos or games providers have demo versions of the games on their sites. These are exactly the same as the real money online slots, but they’re free to play. Playing on these will allow you to get familiar with a game before you start wagering any real cash.

Finally, pick a slot machine that has a good return to player (RTP) and the sort of volatility that you like to play. The RTP gives an idea of which slot machines pay the best – with the higher the better (usually +95%). If you like the idea of winning small amounts on average, then low volatility is for you. On the flip side, if you like the idea of bigger wins but less often on average, then higher volatility games sound the best.

Best Slot Machines to Play

The number of different slot machines available at US online casinos is large. This has led to many different types and features. Some video slots are much more popular than others and people are always looking out for the best slot machines to play.

A high payout is, naturally, at the top of everyone’s list, but this can’t be guaranteed. Instead, choosing one with an entertaining story is a good start – but it’s all about maximizing the potential.

In our view, these are the kind of things that make slot machines the best:

  • Built-in bonus rounds offering free spins or win multipliers.
  • Variety of symbols – with high-paying and Wild options.
  • Mobile compatibility allowing you to play on the move.
  • Innovative concepts and narratives within the game.

Jackpot Slots

There are many different ways to win at casinos, and, as we explained above, there are some tips and tricks to help you out. However, the way to win big is undoubtedly by winning a jackpot. Many US casinos have jackpot slots, and in these, you’ll be looking to win some of the largest real money pots in the USA.

Slot machine jackpots are simple in concept, and anyone who has ever bought a lottery ticket will see similarities between the two. Every time you make a wager on a US progressive jackpot slot, a portion of that wager will be added to the pot. Over time, these can add up to huge sums, and one lucky player will then win the massive jackpot. They often work in the same way as standard slots, with some of the biggest US slot machine jackpots being provided by Microgaming – which you can read more about below.

IGT Slots

One of the most popular slot games designers is possibly IGT. IGT is a Nevada based studio, and one of their specialties is creating high-quality, real money video slots for online casinos. They started in the 1950s, building physical slots for land-based casinos. Since then, they have transitioned into the online slots market too.

The IGT games span the whole spectrum of types. As such, you can find IGT real money slots at many US casinos.

Microgaming Slots

In addition to IGT, many US casinos host slots from the ever popular Microgaming. Microgaming’s focus is on innovation but also consistency, and this seems to have worked well considering that the company was established in 1994. Since then, they’ve gone from success to success – from the creation of mobile-optimized video slots to quality live dealer games. Many real money US casino host Microgaming slots, and many of them host their branded games too, such as famous superheroes and the like.

Mobile Casino Slots – Android/Apple

Something that all our readers should keep in mind is that many casino slot games will be available on mobile. The rise in mobile gaming is one of the most significant changes within the online casino world over the last few years. So, every online casino worth their salt now has a mobile site, and those that really want to stand out have mobile apps.

US casinos feature many of the best online slots on their mobile devices. Typically, there are slightly fewer games for mobile than there is for desktop due to dated technologies powering older games – but this gap is always closing.

Mobile sites are compatible with the major operating systems, so at US online casinos you can find the best casino games for Android and iOS. When it comes to apps, the story is different. Compatibility is something that will depend upon whether or not the casino has designed an app for both Android or Apple platforms.